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Start With A Goal Setting Appointment 
Get started with a goal setting appointment where you’ll discuss your goals with a certified Fitness Coach. 
Attend Unlimited Team Training
For 14 days, you can attend as many large group sessions as you would like. With unlimited access, it’s easy to find a time to fit your schedule.
14 Days of Nutrition Programming
Your Fitness Coach will provide you with 14 Days of Nutrition Programming Designed to fit YOUR specific goals. Whether your goals are to BURN FAT or GAIN LEAN MUSCLE, our Nutrition Program will do so for you!

Experience Small Group Sessions
Meet with your Coach 2 times during your 14 Day KICKSTART and experience the benefits of personal support, feedback, and advice. Your Fitness Coach will help you learn new exercises, guarantee proper form and technique, and ensure that you’ll see results.
    Get a Jumpstart On Your Fitness Results By Diving Into Our 14 Day KICKSTART Program Today!
    With our 14 Day KICKSTART Program, we make it easy for you to get started!  In just 14 Days you will have hands on experience of both our Training and Nutrition Coaching, and you'll be well on your way to a new you! Let us KICKSTART your results TODAY!
    “In recent years I would joke that I was a sugar addict but it was no joke. It was true. My husband would never see it because I was so good at hiding it. I would go through the checkout line and grab a candy bar to eat on way home. I kept candy in my desk. I would taste the first 2 Hersey kisses but there were a dozen empty wrapper and I didn’t even taste the last 10.” The results of Done Done Fitness were so uplifting. I am down over 40lbs overall since I started. The most surprising thing is that I do not miss the sugar. No cravings! No mood swings. There are benefits that you don’t realize before you start. I sleep more sounds. People comment about my glowing complexion-apparently sugar consumption ages skin. I feel taller and I think that translates into I have more confidence.” -JOYCE

    “I think the greatest gift of Done Done Fitness is working with the amazing Done Done trainers who provide endless answers to questions (and continue to!), recipes for terrific meals, accountability for when you start slacking and supportive atmosphere that ensures each of us remain challenged without injury. I have belonged to various gyms for 35 years but never to one that provides a holistic approach to keeping me healthy like Done Done. Although it has been a year since completing the Fit in 42 program, I continue to make good food choices, prepping meals on Sunday and enjoying the various workout sessions. I not only look better but more importantly I feel better too! -CAROLANN
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    With the Done Done Fitness 14 Day KICKSTART Program, you’ll start with a personalized plan that works for your goals…and the longer you wait to get this personalized plan, the longer it will take for you to see results.
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